Top 15 Scholarships for College Students In the Philippines 2023

Students from the Philippines usually have these great educational abilities and knowledge. However, some fail to obtain quality education due to improper funding or lack of funding. Hence, this prompted us to organize this article featuring a list of scholarships for college students in the Philippines. So the scholarship herein helps students to cover the full cost of studying including feeding and housing.

Furthermore, there exist different scholarships in the Philippines and some other scholarships allow students to study in countries like the UK and the US. Thus, since students see education as an investment, most students seek scholarships that will give them the privilege to afford this valuable investment. While, studying involves lots of expenses like books, transportation, feeding, accommodation, tuition, etc. Therefore the scholarships we’ve listed here scholarships in the Philippines and abroad will help students to cut don own large expenses.


Meanwhile, the country Philippines has a serene environment filled with different cultures such as Spanish, Filipino, Malay, and American influences, etc. Apart from having beautiful site destinations, they also have one of the most prominent educational structures in Asia that offer high-quality education at cheap rates. Following statistics, more than 5,000 international students from various parts of the world migrate to find scholarships and study in the Philippines.

Why Study in the Philippines?

You will discover many reasons to study in the Philippines. Lots of foreign students have seen the need of relocating to the country to pursue their dream courses. One of them includes the language of instruction. In the Philippines, they use the same language for instruction and business. Therefore, students from Anglophone countries wouldn’t find it difficult to adapt to the country since they have the English language as their official language.

In Asia, the Philippines happens to be the highest-speaking English country. Therefore, they have thousands of international students seeking scholarships in the country. They offer high-quality education that will highly equip International students in their careers. Still yet we have carefully elaborated some of our top picked reasons to study in the Philippines:

#1. English as Official Language:

The English language includes the second official language in the Philippines. Thus, the country falls among one of the top English-speaking countries in the world. Most institutions in the country use the English language as the language for teaching in schools.

#2. Affordable Cost of Living:

Besides having a quality education system, international students can still live affordably while studying. The country offer an affordable lifestyle of living by spending less money in different areas such as feeding, accommodation, clothing, transportation, medical bills, etc.

#3. Friendly Citizens:

The country has warm welcoming, friendly, and hospitable people which makes it easier for foreign students to mix up rapidly. So you can quickly make new friends and learn about other cultures with time. Some Filipinos could end up acting like your family and invite you over to their house for either lunch or dinner.

#4. Safe and Secure Environment:

The country has proven to be a very secure place to live through the CCTV cameras in streets to ensure high level of security in different areas of the country especially campuses. So international students don’t have to panic about any criminal activities.

#5. Attractive Tourist Sites:

The country has many beautiful and historic sites to show off. While they also have over 7,107 islands in the country and it has led to foreigners using it as a side attraction to learn one or the other about nature.

Top 15 Scholarships for College Students In the Philippines

Below we have provided various categories of scholarships for students from the Philippines to help them study in the country or even abroad. While International students will also find scholarships here that will aid them to study in the Philippines here.

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Scholarships in the Philippines

Below we’ve listed the various Scholarships in the Philippines for International students to apply for…

#1. CHED Scholarship:

The CHED scholarship includes one of the scholarships in the Philippines. CHED stands for Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The CHED scholarship offers both scholarships and grants for students who want financial assistance. lots of financial benefits for private colleges, and universities.

Qualifications for CHED Scholarship

Here they are:

  • You must have enrolled in either a renowned private Higher Education Institution, State Universities, accredited local university, Certificates of Program Compliance, etc in the Philippines
  • Applicants must have partaken in one government financial assistance program
  • Only students who are Filipino who have graduated from high school can apply
  • Academic documents/results
  • Income documents such as Certificate of Tax Exemption, Latest ITR of parents or guardians, Certificate of Indigency, the latest copy of the contract or proof of income for children of OFWs, etc.
Apply Here

#2. DOST Scholarship:

The Department of Science and Technology Scholarship offers students pursuing a career in Science and Technology financial aid toward their studies. The scholarship total benefits are worth PHP 80,000 – PHP 120,000 per year.

Qualifications for DOST Scholarship:

Here they are:

  • Applicants must have good health and good character
  • Applicants must not possess any post-secondary units
  • You must be a Filipino citizens by birth
  • Also, you have to pass the S&T scholarship examination
  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Personal information
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Applicant’s Certification
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Residency
  • Parent’s Certification
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#3. GSIS Scholarship:

It includes one of the Scholarships in the Philippines recognized by the Government Service Insurance System. We regard this scholarship as GSIS Educational Subsidy Program, and the total benefits for the GSIS scholarship are PHP10,000.

Qualifications for GSIS Scholarship:

Here they are:

  • To qualify you must be a college student at any level either within a five or four-year course enrolled in a recognized CHED institution without having a scholarship either private or public.
  • Student’s parents must have permanent employment with a salary of grade 24 or below
  • You must have no withstand loan for over three months
  • Certificate of registration of grades
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Certificate of service record or employment
  • A food grade of at least 80% score
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#4. Landbank Scholarship:

The Landbank scholarship includes one of the outstanding scholarships in the Philippines created by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and other Pacific areas. Scholarship of the scholarship benefits such as thesis funding, book allowance, full tuition funding, licensure examination subsidy, etc.

Qualifications for Landbank Scholarship:

Here they are:

  • Freshmen should have a GWA not lower than 85.
  • You must be a Filipino citizens
  • You must have undergone screening by the partnering universities
  • Must not have any association with any financial scholarship or grants from other external sources.
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport Photographs
  • Certified copies of grades
  • Photocopy of previous ITR of parents or BIR Certificate of tax exemption
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#5. Megaworld Foundation Scholarship:

The Megaworld Foundation scholarship includes part of the scholarships in the Philippines and it commenced in 1999 to help students perform well academically. Those who become successful students will have access to things such as yearly allowance, full tuition fee, and the opportunity to work in any Megaworld Foundation either as a subsidiary or affiliate.

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Qualifications for Megaworld Foundation Scholarship

Here they are:

  • An average score of 85%
  • Letter of admission
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • NBI Clearance
  • Utility bills such as internet, water, and electricity
  • Income Tax Return
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#6. Bangon Marawi Scholarship Program

The Bangon Marawi Science and Technology Human Resource Development DOST-SEI Program offers students in the Philippines scholarships to help them fund their studies.

Scholarship Benefits
Scholarship PrivilegesAmount
Learning Materials and/or
Connectivity Allowance
Group Accident InsurancePremium
Thesis Allowance₱10,000.00
  • To qualify to apply you must be a natural-born citizen of the Philippines.
  • You have to include one of the direct family members affected by the violence or who was forcibly removed from their Marawi community, as determined by the local government office.
  • You must have scored an overall 2.75 weighted average (GWA) across all academic areas, or a 2.75 weighted mean average across all math, science, and engineering courses are taken during the first year of college.
  • You have to enroll as a regular second-year student at one of MSU’s campuses (Main Campus, IIT, or LNCAT) in a DOST S&T priority program during the first semester of AY 2022–2023;
  • Candidates must not have received any other scholarship offered by a national government, university, or private organization; and
  • You must prove to have good character and be of good health.
Apply Here

#7. U-GO Scholar Grant Program

The Ayala Foundation takes charge of managing every part of the U-GO scholar grant program’s execution, including the review of applications, scholar monitoring, and interviews.

Scholarship Benefits

Provided the scholars maintain good academic performance, each scholar will obtain a prize of Php 40,000 yearly.

  • The student has to demonstrate financial need
  • Be a community model of integrity
  • Aspire to bring positive change to Society
  • Desire to excel, have a minimum of GPA 85%
  • Be an active member of the community without any disciplinary or administrative cases
Apply Here

#8. AcadArena Scholarships and Aid

AcadArena Scholarships & Aid for ALL5 is a merit-based scholarship specifically designed for students participating in campus esports at the ALL5 Universities, which include DLSU, ADMU, UST, HAU, and FiT.

Scholarship Benefits
  • Each awardee will receive tuition coverage of P15,000 to P30,000 or a grant of P100,000.
  • Over 1100 student gamers have received assistance from the AcadArena Scholarships & Aid since 2021.
Requirements for Scholarship
  • Fully accomplished online application form
  • Copy or screenshot of grades (most recent)
Apply Here

#9. TeachSTEM Scholarship

The TeachSTEM Scholarship Program aims to develop and strengthen quality STEM educators who will be STEM champions in their communities and prepare future learners to contribute to nation-building. The program aims to improve 21st Century learners and build a STEM-oriented culture among Filipino learners and educational stakeholders by providing educators with rich content knowledge, strong teaching skills, and relevant values.

Scholarship Grants
  • Education at esteemed Centers of Excellence/Development
  • Scholarship funds are transferred directly to scholars RBank accounts.
  • Financial grants may be used to cover educational expenses such as tuition, books, supplies, living expenses, and research.
  • Proof of Enrollment/Admission
  • Certified True Copy of Grades reflecting GWA from the previous Academic Year
  • Proof of household income (e.g., ITR, Certificate of Indigency, Certificate of Low Income, 2 recent payslips)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Philosophy of Teaching essay
  • Recommendation Form
  • Consent from a legal guardian (for applicants under 18 years old)
  • ID Picture
  • Medical Certificate (to be submitted after passing the essay test)
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Some Scholarships For Filipinos To Study Abroad

#10. Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships

Every year Government of Ireland welcomes students from every part of the world including the Philippines to apply for the International Scholarship Program. They use this to improve international studies in the country. Also to support brilliant students obtaining a better education.

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Hence, over 60 students will become awarded one year of study at any chosen university in the country.

Deadline: Usually every March each year. While this year it is 25th March 2023.

Apply Here

#11. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship

We cannot exempt the famous DAAD scholarship program from this list of top scholarships for Filipino students. DAAD scholarship includes one of the top scholarship programs herein Awarding over 100,000 students yearly.

Hence, the scholarship covers monthly payments of 850 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral candidates. While education is free in major German universities.

Deadline: Usually every July each year. While this year it is 15th of July 2023.

Apply Here

#12. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program

Do you want to study in the US for free? Then check out the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. This includes a fully-funded scholarship program that helps you to study in the US.

This is one of the best scholarships for Filipino students. It scholarship award covers the full tuition fee, full accommodation fee, a living stipend, airfare, and health insurance.

Deadline: Usually vary by country

Apply Here

#13. Global Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for students to study at Oxford University England. While the global Rhodes scholarship is made for Filipinos students and other International students not part of the Rhodes constituency. The scholarship program also covers all the costs of attendance for students.

Deadline: Usually every June each year. While this year it is 1st June 2023.

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#14. MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship

MEXT Japan scholarship is an initiation by the Japanese government to attract intelligent students to study in Japan. Thus, in this regard, Filipino students are not exempted from the MEXT Japan scholarship.

However, these scholarships for Philippines students will cover tuition fees, and all other expenses required to study in Japan.

Deadline: Usually vary from embassy to embassy

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#15. Clark University Scholarships USA

Every year, Clark University located in the US offers numerous scholarships to students in their first year and entry levels into the school. The majority of the Clark University scholarships finance the beneficiaries through their undergraduate studies. Philippines students can also apply for this scholarship program.

Deadline: check the Scholar

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships for College Students In the Philippines

Only students entering the first year of college and have a GPA of at least 96% or its equivalent can apply for the CHED Scholarship Programs (CSPs) for the Full Merit Program and 93% to 95% or its equivalent for the Half Merit Program, and who must enroll in recognized priority programs.

The scholarship committee will screen you out if you already benefit from a scholarship program.

There exist many scholarships in Philippines, among them some of them will listed here includes

  • DOST Scholarship
  • Bangon Marawi Scholarship Program
  • U-GO Scholar Grant Program
  • AcadArena Scholarships and Aid
  • TeachSTEM Scholarship


Scholarships in the Philippines have opened lots of opportunities for international students across the globe. While as an international student, you can as well apply for another scholarship program in others countries we’ve provided here. Meanwhile, if you have any further questions, you can use our comment box below.



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