Top 15 Nursing Scholarships 2023

Medical professions fall among some of the demanding processes requiring enough funding if you must obtain a proper education. Meanwhile, don’t give up your dreams because you can’t afford nursing school. They exist many scholarship opportunities available to help you beat the chase. Hence we have compiled a good list of both fully-funded and partially-funded nursing scholarships you can choose from to further your studies. Even International students especially those from developing countries can tap from this opportunity.

Furthermore, students applying for various courses and levels can apply for these nursing scholarships. While still applying for different universities and colleges.

Hence, quit the search for nursing scholarships as we have selected some of the best nursing scholarships and featured them herein. So if you have an interest in finding out about these nursing scholarships opportunity so that you can apply immediately, continue reading until the end.

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What Is Nursing?

The Nursing profession falls within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities. Hence, the nurses help them attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. You may differentiate Nurses from other healthcare providers through their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice.

Furthermore you’d find nurses practice in many specialties with different levels of prescription authority. While still nurses comprise of the largest component of most healthcare environments. However, we found evidence of international shortages of qualified nurses. 

Nursing scholarships

We can not over-emphasize the duties of nurses as they collaborate with other healthcare providers such as physicians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and psychologists. Unlike nurse practitioners, nurses typically can not prescribe medications in the US. Nurse practitioners are nurses with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing.

Lists of Top 15 Nursing Scholarships 2023 for International Students

Our group of professionals have carefully curated a good list of the top nursing scholarships for international students. We deduced the list after a thorough research, reviews, rankings, and value offers.

Some of the scholarships for nursing students featured here include the William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Funding and the Sunshine Behavioural Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship for International Students in the United States.

Meanwhile, there exist numerous other nursing scholarships we have put together for international students in the 2023 academic session to apply.

#1. Sunshine Behavioural Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship

Sunshine Behavioral Health offers $500 in opioid awareness funding for students across the US.

Hence, the award program welcomes students pursuing a health-related degree in a medical field from an accredited college or university and planning to forge ahead with their enrolment to apply. You can learn more about this nursing scholarship through the application link below.

Application Deadline: December 1

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#2. The Friends of Mary Seacole Funding for International Students

The Friends of Mary Seacole Funding for International Students falls among the nursing scholarships for international students. The initiation of the scholarship came to mind due to the consistent hardship people encounter especially the fact it affects students. Thus, with this in mind, the University of West London has made the Friends of Mary Seacole scholarship program in the UK available to students.

Hence, this scholarship program aims to attract candidates from the United Kingdom, European Union, and International candidates for undertaking an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program. So students who wish to apply for nursing programs can tap from this opportunity.

Application Deadline: October 31

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#3. SGS Dean’s Funding for International Students in Canada

Every year, the University of Lethbridge welcomes students to apply for what the SGS Dean’s Scholarship in Canada. This falls among the prominent nursing scholarships students can apply for.

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Hence, high-achieving and brilliant Canadian and international students can apply for this free education program. Thus, the motive of this nursing scholarship program include helping such students pursue their master’s degrees.

Application Deadline: Varies

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#4. ECU Nursing & Midwifery Ph.D. Positions for International Students in Australia

This nursing scholarship offers an invitation to high-performing aspirants from Australia and aspirants from all around the globe to apply for the ECU Nursing & Midwifery Ph.D. Positions in Australia.

We generally refer to this scholarship award as the Edith Cowan University funds this nursing scholarship award. Eligible candidates who wish to kick start the Ph.D. research degree in nursing & health and community care. Edith Cowan can apply.

Application Deadline: November 02

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#5. Global Excellence Postgraduate Placements at the University of Dundee in the UK

For all those participants and candidates who thought studying in the United Kingdom was impossible for them.

The University of Dundee is presenting the Global Excellence postgraduate placements in the United Kingdom.

For those undertaking a postgraduate degree program, the Global Excellence Awards are designed for all the high-achieving United Kingdom, European Union, and overseas participants.

Application Deadline: January 2023 entry

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#6. University of Excellence Scholarships for International Students in Australia, 2023

If you put in hard work to achieve something, then imagine how great you will feel when you achieve it.

Hence, to help you achieve that level, the University of Wollongong is calling for applications for University Excellence Scholarships programs in Australia.

These grants are available for international applicants to cover the cost of education.

Application Deadline: It is to inform you that all eligible students with offers from July 1, 2022, for applicants commencing in 2023 and beyond, are eligible for the grants.

Apply Now

#7. William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Funding for International Students in the USA

Have you always had the desire to serve society? Have you been waiting for an opportunity to fund research and education? Then this nursing scholarship opportunity is for you! Cincinnati Children’s is inviting you for it’s the William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship.

To be empowered with this award, international candidates are mandated to pursue nursing careers or prepare to be pediatric registered nurses.

Application Deadline: April 30

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#8. MPOWER Nursing Program for International Students, 2023

Do you wish to study in the United States or Canada but cannot due to funding? You will be happy to know about the MPOWER Nursing Program, which is made available and funded by MPOWER Financing Company.

The fund is established to support 25 of the top nursing schools in the US and for high-potential international citizens.

Application Deadline: June 30

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#9. Western Sydney International Undergraduate Financial Aid In Australia

Western Sydney University accepts international undergraduate financial aid applications and offers $7,500 multi-year and one-off $5,000 awards.

New commencing international students enrolling in undergraduate degree coursework programs for the first time at WSU in spring 2023 are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Application Deadline: Applications will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis until filled.

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#10. University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarships in UK, 2023

The University of Dundee is delighted to announce its Global Excellence Scholarships for 2023. The students stand a chance to win up to £25,000 for up to 5 years in pursuit of their undergraduate degree program.

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This nursing scholarship is open to students from the United Kingdom, European Union, and Overseas Countries.

Applications Deadline: October 31

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This is yet another scholarship opportunity available in the Japan Check if you’re eligible: Japanese Government scholarship (MEXT) 2023

#11. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Hungary Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan announces applications for Hungary Scholarships for Pakistani Students under Academic and Research Linkages. Pakistani students are eligible for Stipendium Hungaricum opportunities.

All awards will be issued based on academic merit, the quality of the research proposal, the potential of the candidate, and the likely impact of work.

Application Deadline: The application closing date is expected to end on 14th March 2023, 16.00 (GMT).

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#12. Aspen Foundation Indigenous Health Scholarship at the University of Newcastle in Australia, 2023

The University of Newcastle offers the Aspen Foundation Indigenous Health Scholarship to support Indigenous students in completing a degree in Nursing or Social Work.

The Aspen Foundation is committed to supporting the undertaking of life-changing healthcare through significantly reducing or eradicating key illnesses and diseases in remote Australian communities.

Application Deadline: March 06, 2023

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#13. Barts Charity Nurse/AHP Clinical Research Fellowships for International Students in the UK, 2023

The Barts Charity provides the UK Nurse/AHP Clinical Research Fellowships. The program aims to support nurses, midwives, and allied healthcare professionals undertaking a 3-year full-time (or up to 5 years part-time) Ph.D. degree program.

Application Deadline: November 4, 2023

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#14. Nursing/Paramedicine Scholarships at Australian Catholic University

The Calvary John James Hospital provides financial support to graduate students for the intake. Hence, this includes one of the best nursing scholarships available. Thus, this studentships program is awarded to study Nursing/ Paramedicine.

Furthermore, only students applying for graduate programs can apply. While two opportunities are available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing.

Application Deadline: Varies

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#15. $1,000 HSINTELLIGENCE Minority / Indigenous Nursing Scholarships

The $1,000 HSINTELLIGENCE Minority/ Indigenous Nursing Scholarships is usually open for first-generation BIPOC students in high school or undergrads intending to or currently pursuing studies in nursing. The scholarship awards aim very brilliant students to win their $1,000 grants.

Deadline: May 15, 2022

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Which Colleges Provide Nursing Scholarships for Students?

Many colleges and educational bodies offer scholarships to nursing students. Some are in form of tuition waivers while most of the colleges offering nursing programs have a section on financial aid and scholarships on their site. A good instance includes Rush University in Chicago. Some of the schools will directly consider brilliant applicants for their scholarships during admission processing. While in other instances, the students will need to submit separate applications.

However, other government agencies and private organizations also provide many other scholarships available besides the Colleges. So consider also searching for scholarships in the local scholarship market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Scholarships

You can choose from any of the scholarships featured here as an excellent start to funding your nursing diploma either as a current or prospective nursing student! There exist many other options to obtain your nursing degree, some of them include;

  • Financial aid: This is usually based on your school’s needs. The state government and the federal government provide this for students. While students must complete a FAFSA to see their eligibility status whether they can consider them for assistance.
  • Scholarships for Colleges or institutions that are specific to the institution: Most institutions likely have scholarships specifically designed for students in nursing or generally for highly-achieving students. So, endeavor to check with your admissions or financial aid office to find out the opportunities you could qualify for. You will also find excellent regional opportunities.
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Yes! You too can win a full-ride scholarship to cover the cost of nursing school. You can choose from several options to do this:

  • Apply for merit scholarships from institutions that provide full-time scholarship programs.
  • Design your full-ride scholarship opportunity by combining financial aid and scholarships based on need.
  • If you apply and win in an extraordinary financial need, you should consider attending a school that meets 100% of the financial assistance that has been proven.

Nursing scholarships will usually assess your academic background and your fit towards the nursing career.

In the cases of academic assessments grades, difficult classes, and test results can help you become considered for nursing scholarships. While you may even gain bonus points if you’ve earned good scores in your science classes because nursing programs usually require a rigorous science-based course.

On the other hand, try to prove your “fit” for nursing through your interviews and essays. The scholarship committee will have a good interest in why you would like to become a nurse and how you will achieve success in nursing school and the field.

Hence, remember that nursing jobs require strong interpersonal skills because you spend a lot of time with patients. You could illustrate your interpersonal intelligence, empathy, and compassion by presenting specific examples from your school and clubs, sports, or volunteer work. Additionally, highly qualified candidates for nursing scholarships might have specific experience volunteering in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or other medical settings.

Yes, all undergraduate students who have an affirmed need and finalize their FAFSA qualify to apply for the Pell Grant. So, if your undergraduate education is in nursing, you still qualify to receive Pell Grants. If, however, you apply for a nursing course in a graduate degree program, you’re not eligible to receive Pell Grants.

In the meantime, you have to contact your school of choice to discover other grant opportunities available. You qualify for state-wide grants to encourage nurses’ education in the home state or the state you’d like to study.

While you must complete the FAFSA to apply for financial aid in school, the students may not be qualified for grants like the Pell Grant. However, you can utilize the FAFSA to obtain federal loans and qualify for state or institutional aid. Meanwhile, the FAFSA is completely free and simple to fill out. Even if you do not think you may take advantage of these programs, always consider it a good idea to fill it in to ensure you are covered in the case.


Finally, we have learned how important the nursing field can be in the medical profession. So, very important to groom well-trained professionals in this field. While studying nursing might appear tedious together with trying to source funds to study. This is why considering applying for nursing scholarships is very helpful.

Thus, you can select from the list we’ve provided above. While if you have any further questions regarding this scholarship for nursing students do well to ask us below…



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