University of Cambridge Scholarship Applications 2023

University of Cambridge Scholarship Applications 2023


The University of Cambridge, renowned for its academic excellence and rich history, stands as a beacon of learning for aspiring scholars from around the globe. With a commitment to nurturing brilliance and fostering a diverse community, the university offers a range of scholarships that serve as life-changing opportunities for students seeking to pursue their dreams. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricacies of University of Cambridge scholarship applications and delve into the art of crafting successful submissions that stand out from the crowd.

Types of Scholarships Offered by the University

The University of Cambridge presents an array of scholarships catering to different needs and talents. Academic scholarships, often based on exceptional academic achievements, provide the chance to study under the guidance of esteemed professors. Need-based scholarships alleviate financial burdens, ensuring that no deserving student is held back due to economic constraints. Merit-based scholarships recognize outstanding accomplishments beyond academics, such as leadership and community involvement. Additionally, research scholarships empower aspiring researchers to contribute to cutting-edge fields.

Opportunities for African Students: Scholarships to Study at the University of Cambridge

For African students aspiring to pursue their educational journey at the prestigious University of Cambridge, various scholarship options are available to alleviate financial constraints. To be considered for funding from the primary scholarship providers, it is essential to complete the funding section of the relevant application form, whether for undergraduate or graduate programs. These applications must be submitted to the University of Cambridge before the stipulated deadlines:

  • For undergraduate applications, the deadline, while yet to be officially announced, typically falls in early October.
  • Graduate applications are currently open for submission, but it’s advisable to check the specific deadlines for each course. The course directory can provide more details, as some programs may have deadlines as early as mid-November (e.g., LLM Law), with two general course deadlines in December 2020 and January 2021.

The following list is a compilation of scholarships tailored to African applicants who wish to study at the University of Cambridge:

1) Gates Cambridge Scholarships

2) Cambridge Trust Scholarships: Note that the website offers a search feature to help narrow down available scholarships based on criteria such as country, degree level, subject, and the specific Cambridge College. Applications for these scholarships are currently open.

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3) Various Cambridge College Bursaries Examples of scholarships specific to African applicants include:

  • Cambridge-Africa Scholarship (sub-Saharan Africa, PhD) This scholarship initiative has been offering five scholarships annually since 2014, with a possibility of extension beyond 2021. Preference is given to sub-Saharan African applicants affiliated with African universities or research institutions, working on projects aligned with their countries’ priorities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To be considered for funding, complete the standard University Graduate Students’ Application Form, including the ‘funding’ section. This automatically makes you eligible for scholarships. The Cambridge-Trust scholarship deadline usually falls in the first week of December.
  • David & Elaine Potter Cambridge Scholarship (Africa)
  • BP Cambridge Scholarship for Egypt
  • Wolfson OCS Kenya Scholarship
  • Beacon Scholarship at Cambridge (Kenya)
  • Beit Cambridge Scholarship (Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe)
  • Rwanda Cambridge Scholarship (Masters or PhD)
  • CSIR South Africa Cambridge Scholarship
  • Skye Cambridge Scholarship (South Africa)
  • Mandela Magdalene College Scholarship (South Africa – offered by Magdalene College, Cambridge)
  • Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarships (MPhil program, Magdalene College; various African countries)
  • Guy Clutton-Brock Cambridge Scholarship (Zimbabwe – offered by Magdalene College, Cambridge)
  • Trinity College Bursary Trinity College offers up to two scholarships for students from any African country who intend to pursue a taught post-graduate course at the University of Cambridge, leading to the MASt, MPhil, or LLM degree. For details and application instructions.

Scholarships Available to Applicants of Various Nationalities, Including Africans:

  • Cambridge International Scholarship (PhD)
  • Yousef Jameel Scholarship (PhD)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (Masters and PhD)
  • Chevening/Cambridge Scholarship (Masters)
  • IDB Cambridge Scholarship (PhD)
  • John Stanley Gardiner Trust Fund studentship in the Department of Zoology This scholarship is open to British subjects or Commonwealth citizens who are ordinarily residents outside Europe but within the Commonwealth of Nations.

As African students seek to expand their horizons and contribute to global academia, these scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge serve as vital avenues to unlock their potential. Through careful application and adherence to deadlines, aspiring scholars can set themselves on a path towards realizing their educational dreams at one of the world’s most esteemed institutions.

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Benefits of a University of Cambridge Scholarship

Securing a scholarship at the University of Cambridge extends far beyond financial relief. It opens doors to a world-class education, where intellectual growth is nurtured by visionary educators. The opportunity to interact with diverse minds and cultures enriches the learning experience. Moreover, scholarships offer a valuable network of connections that span continents and industries, providing a launchpad for future endeavors.

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Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship Applications

Scholarship eligibility criteria encompass a combination of academic prowess, financial need, and specific requirements. Exceptional academic achievements lay the foundation, reflecting a candidate’s dedication to their chosen field. Financial need is often assessed through comprehensive evaluations, ensuring that those who lack resources are given equitable opportunities. Certain scholarships may also have unique prerequisites, such as prior research experience or community engagement.

Application Process

The journey towards a University of Cambridge scholarship begins with meticulous preparation. Researching available scholarships is crucial, as understanding the options enables candidates to choose the best fit. Gathering necessary documents, ranging from academic transcripts to recommendation letters, demands attention to detail. Completing the application form requires utmost accuracy, and candidates are advised to allocate sufficient time for this crucial step. Submitting the application well within the deadline ensures that your efforts are duly considered.

Tips for Writing a Strong Scholarship Essay

The scholarship essay acts as a window into your aspirations, achievements, and personality. To craft a compelling essay, focus on showcasing your accomplishments, highlighting how you have overcome challenges, and revealing your aspirations. Share stories that resonate with your chosen scholarship’s values and mission. Demonstrating your fit with the University of Cambridge’s ethos is essential – explain how your presence would enrich the university community and contribute to its legacy.

Interview Preparation for Scholarships

Many scholarships include an interview stage, offering candidates the chance to amplify their application through personal interaction. Adequate preparation is key to success. Research the university’s history, values, and recent developments to showcase your genuine interest. Practice common interview questions to refine your responses and cultivate confidence. Presenting a holistic picture of your capabilities, aspirations, and uniqueness can make a significant impact during this stage.

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Key Mistakes to Avoid

Navigating the scholarship application process requires precision and diligence. Missing application deadlines can lead to missed opportunities, so make sure to note down all important dates. Neglecting the quality of your essay by failing to edit or proofread can undermine your efforts. Providing incomplete or inaccurate information may lead to disqualification, underscoring the importance of thoroughness.

Selection Process and Timeline

The selection process entails a meticulous evaluation of each application. Initial screenings assess whether candidates meet the basic requirements. Subsequently, scholarship committees evaluate applications based on predetermined criteria. The timeline for the selection process varies, but typically, candidates can expect to be notified about the results several months after the application deadline.


In the pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth, scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge present a gateway to a world of possibilities. As you embark on this journey, remember that each element of your application carries significance. Whether it’s a well-crafted essay, impeccable references, or a stellar academic record, your efforts coalesce to tell your unique story. Embrace the challenge, strive for distinction, and let your aspirations shine brightly through your scholarship application.


  1. What is the deadline for scholarship applications at the University of Cambridge? The deadline for scholarship applications varies depending on the type of scholarship. It’s crucial to refer to the official website for specific dates and details.
  2. Can international students apply for these scholarships? Absolutely, the University of Cambridge welcomes applications from international students, enriching its global community.
  3. How can I check the status of my scholarship application? You can usually track the progress of your application through the university’s online portal or by contacting the scholarship office.
  4. Are there any age restrictions for scholarship applicants? While most scholarships are open to students of various ages, certain specialized scholarships may have age-related criteria. Review the scholarship guidelines for clarity.
  5. Can I apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously? Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships if you meet the respective eligibility criteria. However, ensure that you tailor your application for each scholarship to align with its specific requirements.