Top 15 Best SUNY Schools 2023

We mean business and if you are here you mean business as well, lol I’m just kidding easy!!, Who said one can’t play in the middle of a hot business deal? Moreover, we were speaking of game changers and that’s who you are. We welcome to Notch gossip of the Top 15 Best SUNY schools. Please someone should put on the camera we would be capturing and taking shots at the best tiers of SUNY schools. Let’s dive in and navigate.


Furthermore, For our follow earthlings who doesn’t know what the acronym SUNY stands for.

What’s the Acronym SUNY?

This simply means the State University of New York.

What is SUNY?

SUNY is the largest university system in the US.

Hence,With over 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, colleges of technology and an online learning network. This is simply a network of colleges and universities. If Understood let’s move fam!

What’s The Reason Behind SUNY?

Aforementioned, set up to be more like a global community changing the tides in the educational sectors SUNY’s faculty and alumni are local and global influencers—Nobel Laureates, members of the National Academy of Sciences, and Pulitzer Prize winners. They are recognized for hard work grit and putting their hard-won knowledge to work in the communities we serve.Spearheading research too, SUNY facilitates researches, finding what bolster academics works and knowledge used in universities. 

A Briefing About SUNY

Established in 1948,it is a system of public colleges and universities in the state of New York, it is one of largest comprehensive systems of universities.Hence,spanning every level of higher learning. Considering getting into one of the SUNY schools? Check this requirements before we commence.

Admission Requirements

In order to secure an admission to any of the SUNY schools, you would have a grade range thus; Average GPA: 85-92 range (middle 50% of admitted students is an 88-94) SAT score: 1100-1290 range. ACT score: 23-27 range 

Why You May Want To Be In SUNY

SUNY was established more than 65 years ago way back in 1948. The main administration building is the H. Carl McCall building. It is nicknamed “the castle.”

Top 15 Best SUNY Schools

This list is not chronologically or alphabetically arranged. Furthermore, The most popular majors, graduation rate have been included. moreover, we have compiled Every school through delicate research and have up with the school in the top tier.

#1. SUNY Albany

Location: Albany, New York 

Located in the city of Albany. The university at Albany has a graduation rate of 65% and a general rate of enrollment at 12,654. Not just that SUNY Albany students benefit from a large alumni network and dedicated professors. Hence,UAlbany is one of the larger SUNY schools and students choose from over 100 majors and minors. Furthermore, over 48% of students live in college housing. It is a public research university with campuses in Albany and guilderland.

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Generally, Students also benefit from the small-city environment and the clubs and activities on campus.

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#2. Binghamton University

Location: Binghamton NY.

It has a graduation rate of 82% percent and an acceptance rate of 42%. Binghamton is in southern New York near the Pennsylvania border, it is the number one ranked public university in London.hence,It has an undergraduate enrollment of 14,307.The school is academically rigorous and pious towards vibes. It has a community oriented campus making the environment more friendly.

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#3. SUNY Brockport

Location: Village in New york.

With a Graduation rate of 71% and an acceptance rate of 76%. The sunny Brockport though in a village has a lively campus spirit. Hence, Students love the friendly and supportive community and people. The university is over 170 years old. It’s known for its science and math programs. furthermore, it has an undergraduate enrollment of 5,714.

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#4. Buffalo State

Location: Neighborhood in buffalo NY 

At Muriel A. Howard Honors Program the buffalo sit to receive accolades. Through receiving accolades such as this. Healthy academic competition is stored in the hearts of the students. Also, Campus-life overall is very active and students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. About 28% of student resides in college housing. The college boast of a graduation rate of 40% in the space of 6 years. The campus atmosphere is so friendly too and academically energetic, that way students can balance normal school life and extracurricular.

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#5. SUNY Canton

Location: Canton NY.

Though some students likes the big city life, Canton is a small city but accommodates all and sundry. SUNY Canton has 28% of it’s students living in college housings. The college offers 31 bachelor degrees , three one year certificate programs and 23 online degrees with over 94% acceptance rate and graduation rate of 41%. 

It focuses on preparing students for specific careers through it educational procedure and patterns.

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#6. SUNY Cobleskill

Location Cobleskill Ny

Located in a county in Cobleskill town. The state university of agriculture and technology has a graduation rate of 54% and 55% of its student live in student college housing. Furthermore, the University has an enrollment of about 1,824. Though its population is about 6,400. SUNY Cobleskill focuses on agriculture and technology, but there are 54 major programs with a variety of courses.

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#7. SUNY Cortland

Location: Cortland 

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Majorly for student involvement, Cortland has that Atmosphere and energy. Furthermore, it was founded in 1868 and it’s part of the New York state educational system. Having a graduation rate of 71% and an acceptance rate of 61%. SUNY Cortland offers 65 majors and 38 minors awarding degrees to them all. Lastly, it has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,984.

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#8. Empire State College

Location:. Sarotonga springs New York

Empire state college University, is situated in Saratoga springs New York. Furthermore, empire state college has an acceptance rate of 46%. A good number of empire state college students are online students. So there are no first years living in college housings. Moreover, they have a Graduation rate of 27% and undergraduate enrollment of 7,926 meanwhile saratoga has a population of 28,000 in more than 35 New York State locations and offers more than 500 online courses.

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#9. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Location: Syracuse NY 

It is a public research university focused on natural resources and the environment..it is part of the new York state university educational system. Furthermore having a graduation rate of 77% and 65% acceptance rate. Graduation rate is for first time.SUNY students are able to use many of Syracuse University’s amenities and resources, so even though SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is a small school and the Undergraduate enrollment sums up to 1,594. Lastly about 30% of its students resides in college housings.

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#10. SUNY Farmingdale

Location: east Farmingdale NY

The college was chartered in 1912 as a school of applied agriculture under the name of New York state school of agriculture situated on long island. However, the graduation and acceptance rates are 64% and 73% respectively. SUNY Farmingdale College has the only four-year aviation program in New York and the only four-year dental hygiene program in the region. The school has an enrollment rate of 9,284 and 5% of its students live in college housing. They have a lot of majors and an active alumni structure.

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#11. SUNY Fredonia

Location: Fredonia NY

It is the westernmost member of the state. Having a graduation rate of 62% and an acceptance rate of 91%. It is a public university. SUNY Fredonia is predominantly a school that means excellence .with a school of music an undergraduate population summing 3,555. Students of Fredonia are exposed to clubs, activities, and off-campus learning opportunities like internships and 100-degree programs.

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#12. SUNY Geneseo

Location: Geneseo, NY

Founded in 1871, it’s a public liberal arts college with 50 undergraduate degree programs it is known for its exceptional faculty and alumni reputation and 78% of graduates within 6 years It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 4,468 (fall. Furthermore, Geneseo’s ranks the 16 position of the 2022-2023 edition. That’s to say in the Best Colleges Regional Universities North.

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#13. SUNY New Paltz

Location: New Paltz NY

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no. 1 best value college in the SUNY system and no. 25 overall, as per College Census. new Paltz is what of the top SUNY schools. It has an acceptance rate of 62% and undergraduate enrollment of 6,600. students can pursue Liberal Studies, an Honors Program, and other opportunities.

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#14. SUNY Purchase

Location: Purchase 

Purchase has an undergraduate enrollment of 4,100 and an acceptance rate of 61%. Collaboration seeks to foster diversity through its programs. Furthermore, it handles a semester calendar system and a student faculty ratio of 14:1. Also,2% international students consensus.core values of the institution are inclusivity, and sustainability

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#15. SUNY Oswego

Location: Oswego 

Opportunities are abundant: students conduct research in cutting-edge laboratories, secure internships, study abroad, and participate in a range of extracurriculars. Founded 150 years ago the school has served as a center of innovation and hardwork. Moreover, it’s a public school with 7,600 total undergraduates with overall acceptance rate at 80% it has a student faculty ratio of 17:1.

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FAQs Best SUNY Schools

Yes. All final transcripts must be translated. For translation and evaluation of transcripts, contact an evaluation service provider such as educational evaluation international

Experienced admission officers

There is a $50 non-refundable fee for each SUNY campus choice to which you apply. 

Electronic transmissions of applicant data are sent from the Application Services Center to SUNY colleges


Knowledge is power, but information is the generator, We have addressed the top-tier SUNY schools, and we urge you to take a look at the list to grab Every information you need. When feeling any information carefully and accurately put in your details. You can also check up on new updates and information regards academics on the website. We are glad you got what you were looking for.

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