Works In Canada: Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs In Canada and Hourly Rate

Do you ever believe you can still earn over 77,000 CAD as an unskilled worker in Canada? Now here this yes you can. Many immigrate has Canada as their travel destination or intended travel destination due to how simple it appears obtaining a visa to the country, resulting from the open arms of the Canadian government. However, some persons having feelings that they don’t qualify to apply for white-collar Jobs due to poor educational background wonder if they can obtain any seasonal job that pays well in the Country. Funny enough, there exist dozens of high-paying unskilled jobs in Canada looking for people to fill in the space. So this prompted us to bring this information to your notice. Carefully read through as we have filled this page with some of the highest paying unskilled jobs in Canada plus their hourly pay. 

Meanwhile, Canada has a wide variety of jobs available for both citizens and migrants. Even the Government has dedicated specific Canadian immigration programs and systems to make it easier for unskilled foreign workers to live and work in the country. Also, Canada’s farming sector, one of the top labor sectors in Canada has invited approximately 60,000 foreign workers to migrate to Canada. However, there still exists 15,000 jobs available in Canada’s farming sector that need to have not become filled.  


Interestingly, in Canada, the average salary of unskilled workers appears so good that the minimum wage in the country exceeds $20,000 annually. So, if you belong to the category of unskilled/semi-skilled workers, seeking job opportunities with hourly pay in Canada, we’ve got you covered. 

In addition, apart from the available jobs, unskilled workers can also apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.

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What Exactly Is An Unskilled Job?

Unskilled jobs simply represent those sets of jobs not requiring any special qualification or training experience. Hence, unskilled jobs do not require any specialized expertise to complete their typical daily tasks. So, we consider many of these positions as entry-level, with training being done on the job. 

However, you may need a certain experience level as an added advantage in acquiring and excelling in some of the roles. Thus not necessary for being able to do the job itself. You will find unskilled jobs available in varieties of industries, particularly those related to maintenance, hospitality, and retail. These positions will facilitate you to develop your skills through hands-on experience.

How to Get Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners?

As a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you can simply apply for jobs at any company hiring unskilled workers. While if not a Canadian citizen or have a permanent resident, your only option involves applying to immigrate to Canada as a foreign worker. You must have to complete the Canada unskilled work visa procedure while the immigration process may take a while. 

During the period of your document processing, you’ll have to meet all the protocols, requirements, and score sufficient points to qualify. You will also have to prove that you have at least the minimum level of financial status by submitting a statement of bank balance.

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Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs In Canada And Their Hourly Pay

Below we’ve included some common unskilled job titles in Canada that pay well plus their respective hourly rate. We obtained the salary information from Indeed Salaries where the frequently update average salary data;

#1. Server

National average salary: $12.01 per hour

The roles of servers include helping to provide an excellent dining service to restaurant patrons. Hence, they take orders, offer meal suggestions based on their customer preferences, give the orders to kitchen and bartending staff, and deliver food to the diners. Sometimes, servers may help with preparing the food, seating customers, and taking payments.

#2. Janitor

National average salary: $12.09 per hour

Janitors bear the responsibility of cleaning buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, and libraries. Some of their job duties involve cleaning windows, dusting, emptying trash bins, sweeping and mopping floors, also tidying up bathrooms. Janitors often work before or after operating hours. In this regard, they also bear little responsibility for securing and locking the premises. Some janitors also conduct minor repairs and maintain stocks of cleaning supplies.

#3. Transport Driver

National average salary: $12.52 per hour

The Duty of transport drivers includes delivering clients to various destinations. They may work for a taxi or limousine company, a ridesharing company, or other transport services. Transport drivers also bear the responsibility for maintaining a clean vehicle and determining the best route to drive based on road conditions, weather, and traffic patterns. Sometimes they perform duties like taking payments, loading and unloading luggage, and answering questions about the local area.

#4. Stocking Associate

National average salary: $12.60 per hour

Stocking associates bear the responsibility for organizing, receiving, and maintaining inventory for retail businesses. They may work in a warehouse or a retail location. Stocking associates often use inventory maintenance software to manage stock, perform inventory checks and order new supplies. They may operate forklifts to move and organize bulk shipments. Stocking associates who work in retail locations may be responsible for answering customer questions, filling stock on the sales floor, and arranging displays.

#5. Care Associate

National average salary: $12.92 per hour

Care associates includes medical support staff who help patients in a hospital with basic medical care and residents in long-term care facilities with daily activities. They may be responsible for helping patients turn in their beds, exercise, bathing, feeding, obtaining specimens, inserting catheters, and checking vital signs. Care associates are often the medical staff that sees patients, so they are usually expected to report changes in their patient’s emotional, physical, and mental conditions. Care associates should be able to perform CPR and other types of first aid.

#6. Food Production Worker

National average salary: $13.13 per hour

Food production workers help kitchen staff prepare and assemble meals. They may work in a variety of settings that serve food, including restaurants, schools, assisted living facilities, hotels, coffee shops, and hospitals. Food production workers are responsible for making sure that food is properly stored and of good quality, ingredients are adequately prepared and all surfaces in the kitchen are clean and sanitized. They are usually expected to mix, prepare and plate meals to the kitchen’s standards.

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#7. Security Guard

National average salary: $13.25 per hour

Security guards are responsible for maintaining the safety of an organization’s property and personnel. They often patrol buildings and premises, use surveillance equipment to monitor buildings, receive deliveries and grant entry to visitors and staff. Security guards regularly maintain logs and reports to show who was on the property, ensure that all equipment is working correctly, and have records of any incidents that occur.

#8. Farmworker

National average salary: $13.25 per hour

Farmworkers tend to livestock and maintain crops. They often use heavy farm equipment to clear land, sow seeds, and lay irrigation pipes. They may also inspect and harvest crops by hand. Farmworkers often work with pesticides to manage fungi, weeds, and insects. They feed, clean, and inspect livestock, as well as clean their pens, administer medicines and mark them with brands or tags.

#9. Receptionist

National average salary: $13.48 per hour

Receptionists are often the first person clients, vendors and visitors speak to when they visit a business. Receptionists greet visitors to the office and direct them to the correct office. They usually answer phones and emails to redirect them to the appropriate person or take a message, and they may also receive, sort, and disperse mail. Receptionists often maintain files, schedule meetings, update calendars and perform similar administrative tasks.

#10. Grounds Maintenance Worker

National average salary: $13.60 per hour

Ground maintenance workers are responsible for the upkeep and cultivation of a building or property grounds. They often plant flowers, perform repairs, mow grass, pull weeds, and maintain the general appearance of the grounds. They may apply fertilizer and pesticides, clear pathways, and trim tree limbs and shrubs. Ground maintenance workers may also install outdoor furniture and manage irrigation systems.

#11. Veterinary Assistant

National average salary: $13.43 per hour

Veterinary assistants help veterinarians and veterinary technicians care for animals in their care. They often bathe, exercise, feed, and administer medication to the animals. Veterinary assistants may also collect samples for testing and restrain animals while they are being examined. Veterinary assistants often clean and sanitize kennels, operating rooms, surgical equipment, and examination rooms. Some veterinary assistants also help with office administration, greet pet owners and perform first aid on animals until a veterinarian or veterinary technician can reach them.

#12. Sanitation worker

National average salary: $13.59 per hour

Sanitation workers collect and transport garbage from residences and businesses to disposal facilities. They usually drive and perform routine maintenance and cleaning of their trucks. Sanitation workers may be required to do the heavy lifting in addition to operating heavy machinery.

#13. A Transit Customer Service Specialist

Average earning: $73 per hour

Aid and endorse the corporate vision to ensure that the best level of customer service is provided through the formulation of controls and standards that are re-evaluated regularly.

#14. A Head Of Security Service

Average earning: $75 per hour.

A Security Service Manager is a delicate role as all lies in the protection of highly valued individuals and it’s all about this client’s protection. Usually, lives are at stake which warrants more than a satisfying commendation.

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#15. A Plumber

Average earning: $26 per hour.

A plumber is a person who manages the piping system in literally anything flagged as an effective building. They organize the inflow and outflow of water within a building.

What Is The Average Salary In Each Canadian Province?

Canada remains one of the prominent countries in the world for immigrants. With their enabling environment, they tend to have good opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. However, each area in the country has a minimum amount expected for workers to earn. Meanwhile, the average Canadian salary has increased nationally, but that does not indicate that employees earn the same salary in every province and territory. Hence, the average wages usually remain high in traditionally strong provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. 

Below, we’ve provided a table to illustrate the average salary in respective Canadian provinces and territories;

Province & TerritoryAverage Salary (per year)
Northwest Territories$77,670
Newfoundland and Labrador$55,508
British Columbia$53,516
New Brunswick$49,511
Nova Scotia$48,470
Prince Edward Island$45,912

Surprisingly, the average annual salary in Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan increased to meet or exceed the rate observed in these provinces. The average wages in Ontario, Newfoundland, and Labrador look virtually identical.

Frequently Asked Questions for Works In Canada

The highest paying job in Canada this present day Includes the Specialist physician in which their lowest salary earners can earn a minimum of around $90 per hour.

It’s no news that several doctors earn as much as $100 per hour. While Anesthesiologists also earn this much in Canada.

An unskilled worker in Canada earns about $37,050 per year or $19 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $34,613 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $47,990 per year.

Based on a standard work per week of 40 hours, a full-time employee works 2,080 hours per year. We got this value from 40 hours a week x 52 weeks a year. So if an employee makes $15 an hour working 40 hours a week, they make about $31,200. So15 multiplied by 2,080.

Below we have the 10 countries having the most working hours in 2022;

  • Mauritania – 54 hours.
  • Egypt – 53 hours.
  • Gambia – 51 hours.
  • Burkina Faso – 50 hours.
  • Qatar – 50 hours.
  • Lesotho – 50 hours.
  • Bangladesh – 49 hours.
  • Kenya – 48 hours.


Finally you’ve seen there are numerous works In Canada that pays well. So if you still have interest migrating go Canada, while you fall in the category of unskilled workers, you can choose from the highest paying unskilled jobs in Canada listed here.

Meanwhile, you can check our websites for more options on how to migrate to Canada. While if you have any questions along the way endeavor to always ask us.



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